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Pictured Above: Revis Combs

In 1980, Revis decided it was time to retire. Benny continued on, running the day to day operations in his father's absence. In 2008, he purchased W.G. White & Company, adding a full line of W.G. White country hams, candy, beans, peanuts, jar goods and more.

Benny's son Ben, graduated in 2013 from Wake Forest University adding a third generation to their family business. In 2014, Combs Produce acquired Winston Tomato Company, which allowed them to offer a full line of glass bottle sodas and Foothill's country hams to better serve their retail clients.

Sadly, Revis passed away in 2001, but his dreams, legacy and values live on with his son and grandson. Benny and Ben remain dedicated to Revis' vision of providing quality produce at the best price, so that their customers can continue to thrive in an ever changing market.

Past & Present: A Company with Roots 


Combs Wholesale Produce Company began in 1945 in Winston-Salem, NC when William Revis Combs began repacking and selling tomatoes.

His son, Benny worked alongside his father any chance he got growing up. Benny always knew selling produce was what he wanted to do, so when he graduated high school he came on full time in the family business in 1976.

Together, Revis and Benny set out to grow the company. They added accounts, new produce items and refrigerated trucks to freight their own merchandise as well as offer new delivery routes, further expanding their reach.

Their dedication and success allowed for them to buy land and build our current 22,000 square-foot facility in 1978 that included a tomato repack room and 11 coolers.​

Pictured Below: Benny Combs and Ben Combs

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